All of a sudden I became a pedophile instead of dealing with CPS’s concerns about Wayne Janke.

Months after putting our child on a cruise alone with Wayne Janke, accusations came that I was a pedophile. It was one of the last things Judge Moreno tried to hang her hat on in her final ruling that even Dr. Dietzen went back-and-forth on whether or not I was a pedophile. Dr. Dietzen said we were great parents.

CPS didn’t believe it, detectives didn’t believe it, therapists didn’t believe it.

Page 34 of 59 Line 20 through Page 35 Line 3

l.) The GAL’s failure to investigate Ms. Hopkins’ report the allegation was first reported by my son to Ms. Raleigh on 8/5/15 but called into CPS by Ms. Raleigh on 7/29/15. (Sic)  The GAL’s failure to investigate the reasons and facts why Ms. Hopkins, “expressed concern to the detective regarding Doris and Wayne’s relationship with Christopher specifically the relationship between Wayne and Christopher.”  This concern is nowhere in any written or oral GAL report. It would not have been discovered absent my motion for production of the GAL records. GALR 2(f);(g);(i). And, one would think this is a rather serious concern, not only for the obvious reason of the allegations of abuse but because one of the major issues is the nature of the “relationship ” between my son and Doris Strand and Wayne Jencke. 

See page 34 of 59 157 05 06 16 Memorandum In Support od Reconsideration (Simon) 157


Detective Orr suspended


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