And what did Judge Moreno say were the initial lies? Page 25 and 26

This is a quote from Judge Moreno about the lies told to Judge Moreno about us and our ability to care for our son.


I looked at the fact that the original allegations and even the initial trial brief that Mr. Harrington filed, the petitioners made allegations against the Simon’s that were not true. They said basically the Simons were unfit. They said Ms. Simon suffered from a significant mental health issue, including schizophrenia, and that she was a drug abuser. What they said about Mr. Simon was fairly similar. And all of those allegations were untrue other than the fact that she suffers from bipolar disorder, which many people in our community have and it’s controlled.

     Those declarations were used I think, form a part of the commissioners ruling with regard to the restraining order. It was about going to Hawaii, the fact that CS had lived with the petitioners for a long time, that sort of thing. But all of those things in a court file that were not true swirl around in a commissioner’s mind, and they explain to the judicial officer, “okay, I get it: She’s a drug addict; she’s crazy; Mr. Simon doesn’t care; that’s why CS was living with the petitioners all this time, and so, therefore, I’m doing the best thing I can for CS” And that’s maybe what the commissioner may have been thinking. I don’t — I don’t know.

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What did Judge Moreno do about the perjury? After all the Prosecutor’s Office said her court was the victim. Nothing. Judge Moreno does not care how much damage is done to a thirteen-year-old boy or whether or not he is with people who lie to law enforcement regularly telling Fish and Wildlife they are our son’s grandfather and that they adopted our son years prior on what is a simple fishing expedition.

But then Wayne Janke forgot to tell the Court about his drinking and driving ticket, his aiding and abetting ticket of a ten-year-old on a jet ski which was dismissed because it is a criminal charge and not an infraction then after that fact Wayne obtaining our underage son a watercraft license to operate a jetski – while Wayne was to be taking him to Boy Scouts.

Illegal age Jetski and documents


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