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We voluntarily set up and attended over 80 reunifications to help our son. Our son was only sent to one reunification visit with me after Judge Moreno decided there was no abuse from my husband or myself. If CPS had been involved the law would have required visitations for us and our son within one week. After insisting we have a doctor on board for a child that lived with us for 13+ years that the petitioner lied about, we were now in need of medical intervention to talk to our son that CPS had no problems with us.

Then all of a sudden, Judge Moreno fired yet another specialist and sent my minority husband to manage four reunifications with none of the assistance Judge Moreno deemed was necessary since the spring of 2016. We were later blamed for the reunification issues.

We attempted to set up intensive reunification for our son with the Jaycee Foundation, Jaycee Lee Dugard a famous kidnapping victim, but once again the GAL, Kimberly Kamel of Witherspoon Kelley blocked the $100,000 idea. Kim Kamel is a labor and employment attorney who admitted on the stand that she met with our son before the case was ever filed and again before she was appointed. How did that happen? I will post a separate post on that.

“In 1991, I was abducted walking to the school bus. I was 11-years-old. When I was recovered from my captors eighteen years later, my family needed help reconnecting. The process required an extensive, multi-disciplinary approach to get through a very difficult transition in our lives. We needed protection, expertise, support, and the ability to make choices as we started our healing journey. I believe that families who survive major life traumas need and deserve the kind of support we received. Because of this belief, my family has formed The JAYC Foundation.” Jaycee Dugard


Dr. Dietzen thought we were great parents and she has been in business for 30 years.  Somehow Judge Moreno found us to be fit but detrimental. Not the first time. I believe there are at least 3 other times she has been overturned on Third-Party Custody with at least another three in the Appeals. So what does that mean? Families have been ripped apart unnecessarily and the appeals court and the Supreme Court have spent millions of dollars correcting Judge Moreno. Is she doing the same thing over?

Dr Dietzen Email Great parents

Our employment attorney / Witherspoon Kelley GAL person Kimberly Kamel who testified she didn’t know there was a local or state GAL Handbook and didn’t follow the guidelines because of it. For the GAL bill that was approximately $75,000, you would think she would know about being a GAL or maybe not – that might be why the bill is $75,000 Approximately.

Testimony of 10 19 16 Page 96 – 98.

10 19 16 10 20 16 Bench Trial Excerpt Kim Kamel Transcript

Our reunification person after Dr. Dietzen came highly recommended. But of course, Judge Moreno trashed her too. Witherspoon Kelley went into Court making allegations of conflict of interest. I will add that.

08 07 17 Visitation Dennis Letter to Kim
08 09 17 Kim Kamel Attorney NOTICE Dennis


There was never an intention of returning our child. That was we figured out a fraud filing after our whistleblower came forward and the documents were put into the Court. Getting a judge to rule fraud on a judge s like trying to get an officer to cross the blue line on another officer. More on that filing.

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Months after putting our child on a cruise alone with Wayne Janke, accusations came that I was a pedophile. It was one of the last things Judge Moreno tried to hang her hat on in her final ruling that even Dr. Dietzen went back-and-forth on whether or not I was a pedophile. Dr. Dietzen said we were great parents.

CPS didn’t believe it, detectives didn’t believe it, therapists didn’t believe it.

Page 34 of 59 Line 20 through Page 35 Line 3

l.) The GAL’s failure to investigate Ms. Hopkins’ report the allegation was first reported by my son to Ms. Raleigh on 8/5/15 but called into CPS by Ms. Raleigh on 7/29/15. (Sic)  The GAL’s failure to investigate the reasons and facts why Ms. Hopkins, “expressed concern to the detective regarding Doris and Wayne’s relationship with Christopher specifically the relationship between Wayne and Christopher.”  This concern is nowhere in any written or oral GAL report. It would not have been discovered absent my motion for production of the GAL records. GALR 2(f);(g);(i). And, one would think this is a rather serious concern, not only for the obvious reason of the allegations of abuse but because one of the major issues is the nature of the “relationship ” between my son and Doris Strand and Wayne Jencke. 

See page 34 of 59 157 05 06 16 Memorandum In Support od Reconsideration (Simon) 157


Detective Orr suspended


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Pretty serious to be sending declarations designed to take a child away from fit biological parents, to the Courts from a 317-bed psychiatric facility regarding a person who has never been in the parking lot – But not according to DSHS, Eastern State Hospital or the Washington State Ethics Board. Their response is included.

According to the Washington State Ethics Board, there was no wrong-doing for Maria Goff to drive 30 miles from her home to send paperwork from a mental hospital to Spencer Harrington’s Law Office to file with the initial complaint which was pretty much all lies according to Judge Moreno This was additional. They declared it to be an emergency that she needed to get her information in. So without the supervision of her bosses, she FAXED in documents fro ma state mental hospital

Apparently, it was an emergency to get our son on a cruise in a one-bed-cabin with a 60+-year-old male that CPS HAD concerns about.

. _

This declaration was entered into Court in front of Amature and not overseen Protem Wendy Colton the first day of court as if somehow I had ever been a patient at Eastern State Hospital or Maria Goff knew something about my mental health.

The only emergency was allowing our son to get on what Judge Moreno said was an unauthorized cruise.

I had never been a patient at Eastern State Hospital or any other mental facility and it added to the beginning lies as to who I was as a mother and a human.

Maria Goff had hit my car and it took numerous months to put in an insurance claim because would not provide the necessary information to repair my car. Washington Ethics Car Insurance


Ethics Board Dismissal Letter Comp Bob Frye



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This is a quote from Judge Moreno about the lies told to Judge Moreno about us and our ability to care for our son.


I looked at the fact that the original allegations and even the initial trial brief that Mr. Harrington filed, the petitioners made allegations against the Simon’s that were not true. They said basically the Simons were unfit. They said Ms. Simon suffered from a significant mental health issue, including schizophrenia, and that she was a drug abuser. What they said about Mr. Simon was fairly similar. And all of those allegations were untrue other than the fact that she suffers from bipolar disorder, which many people in our community have and it’s controlled.

     Those declarations were used I think, form a part of the commissioners ruling with regard to the restraining order. It was about going to Hawaii, the fact that CS had lived with the petitioners for a long time, that sort of thing. But all of those things in a court file that were not true swirl around in a commissioner’s mind, and they explain to the judicial officer, “okay, I get it: She’s a drug addict; she’s crazy; Mr. Simon doesn’t care; that’s why CS was living with the petitioners all this time, and so, therefore, I’m doing the best thing I can for CS” And that’s maybe what the commissioner may have been thinking. I don’t — I don’t know.

497 11 17 16 Trial Transcript Oral Ruling Moreno 497_Redacted


What did Judge Moreno do about the perjury? After all the Prosecutor’s Office said her court was the victim. Nothing. Judge Moreno does not care how much damage is done to a thirteen-year-old boy or whether or not he is with people who lie to law enforcement regularly telling Fish and Wildlife they are our son’s grandfather and that they adopted our son years prior on what is a simple fishing expedition.

But then Wayne Janke forgot to tell the Court about his drinking and driving ticket, his aiding and abetting ticket of a ten-year-old on a jet ski which was dismissed because it is a criminal charge and not an infraction then after that fact Wayne obtaining our underage son a watercraft license to operate a jetski – while Wayne was to be taking him to Boy Scouts.

Illegal age Jetski and documents


07 08 13 Jetski aiding and abetting Wayne

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if we wanted something done about the perjury we should have done it a long time ago. The perjury letter sent to law enforcement the header was changed to meet the various agencies.

As the prosecutor’s office explained to me, Our family is not the victims of perjury the court is. So if you want to get help getting perjury charges your judge would have to negotiate that path. In Judge Moreno’s Court perjury is not only totally acceptable but you can kidnap a child off of totally false allegations, it won’t matter if the child is being sent pornography by one of the parties but if CPS tells the Court the child is being groomed by the perjuror, Judge Moreno will not even run a background check until she gives custody to the home of the offending groomer. Moreno Robson Sorted Email

These are but a few. This does not discount over 650 filings trying to get our son back with acknowledgment trips to Olympia meeting with Governor Inslee’s Office, DSHS and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office multiple times along with writing them.

 Here is where we were told, law enforcement decides that a crime has been committed. I guess Judge Moreno ruling that the Petitioners and their Lawyer filed untrue documents with the Court was not enough03 27 18 Spokane County Prosecutor

And were any other investigations requested?

Ozzie and I have 300 emails together personal and professional. Some are things he asked me to put into other peoples Facebook Pages. These would include the County against Creach, Scott Maclay, Ryan Holyk and his bicycle being smashed, Dave Regan, Ron T. Cop, Earl Howerton, comments about dirty cops, etc. But to care about my son? These documents are available and have been distributed to other people.

And the Department of Justice? They said our son being removed by lies was a family court matter.

. DOJ letter and response

DOJ and Health and Human Services put out a letter about discriminating against the disabled. But I guess my disability doesn’t count.DOJ letter and response

Health an Human Services refuses to help. 06 14 16 11178136 HHS

And our representatives that we called, wrote to or met with… Senator Mike Padden, Representative Matt Shea, Representative Bob McCaslin, Andy Billig, Representative Marcus Riccelli, and Representative Timm S. Ormsby.

These are the same representatives voting in laws that have taken our child from a COURT DEEMED fit Parents to putting our child in a home where pornography has been sent to our child and Judge Moreno knew it and did NOTHING about it.

Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell have also done nothing.

The list of documents asking for help goes on

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So after we filed we got a response from Harrington.

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Judge Moreno Rules Parents as “FIT” and gives the child to people without State Required Background Checks!!! Whistle Blowers Come Forward and Expose the Corruption!!!
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Most laws are written with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, in the wrong hands they can ruin lives, especially when the very courts that are charged with enforcing them refuse to do so.

Ours is such a story.

We are a blended family. My husband – Ron Simon, myself – Teresa Simon, and our two children, one from my former marriage, and our biological son.

In 2015, our son was ripped from our lives. He was attending school in the Spokane Valley using my husband’s friend’s home address, Doris Strand and Wayne Janke, because we felt he could get a better education at those schools.

Our son was our shining star. He enjoyed all the advantages of a middle-class family. We owned real estate and were able to provide many things for him.

Janke and Strand were not nearly as well to do but as my husband’s friend of several decades they asked to be part of our son’s life.

Although I was uncomfortable with the level of involvement by Janke and Strand, I didn’t think that having too many people to love my son was a bad thing. I was tragically wrong.

They took on the role of grandparents and  attended his school conferences and award ceremonies, Webelo’s, Derbies, Boy Scouts, skiing, camping, barbecues, various youth summer sports, theme parks such as Silverwood Theme Park, River Front Park and other places. We even managed to learn how to ski ourselves but my husband’s health prevented us from becoming very adept at it.

Ron, being African American grew up in extreme poverty, his father who was former military had a brain tumor in the early 1960’s and treatment was almost non-existent.

Due to his father’s unpredictable behavior, his mother moved from Tacoma to Spokane with three young children, a city with a minority population in of 1 to 1 ½ percent.

Ron was mowing lawns and delivering newspapers as a young teenager to help keep a roof over his family’s head and his father was wandering all over the country due to his health issues.

Ron wanted our son to to have opportunities he never had. There were various activities we allowed our son to do with Janke and Strand but we vacationed and traveled with our son to many places throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Missouri, Arizona, California and on our last trip we took a cruise to Alaska. We also vacationed with Janke and Strand.

Throughout the years we saved Janke’s motor home from being repossessed, roofed their house, rehabbed their other property, helped them pay day-to-day bills including their mortgage. All without compensation.

We also bought Strand a $700 dog when she lost three dogs, her cat and her brother. We went so far as to pay thousands of dollars for Strand to have bariatric surgery.

We enrolled our son at a daycare in the Spokane Valley when he was younger for half days to learn social skills. Some days Strand would go by the daycare to pick him up in the late afternoons. The daycare would make two of the same artwork, saying that with the interest that Strand showed, she should also have artwork.

As time went on, Strand would confiscate all of our son’s paperwork from school when he would come to her home as a result, Strand would know when parent-teacher conferences were and would show up and brag about my son, grab up his paperwork and leave. Little did we know that she was becoming so involved to steal our son.

I did not go to work until my son was almost five. He was dropped off for half-days to daycare and to kindergarten and began full days in first grade. My daughter attended private school also in Spokane Valley and I would drop them both off in the morning and some days Strand would pick up my son and some days I would pick him up.

Ron and I were listed as parents on the school records. Strand was on the emergency pickup list from the school as it was her address on the records but over time, as the school updates came in, we didn’t see the changes, Strand simply adjusted the records almost entirely removing us.

We even put Strand in control of our Trust to take care of both children in the event we could not. Strand was listed as the primary, but in the event, she couldn’t do it, Janke would take over management of all of the assets.

Strand later told me she had taken as many of her own mother’s assets to support Janke in the 2008 market collapse. In 2012,  Janke pressured his father to change his father’s will, who died three days later.

At that point we changed the Trust from Janke and Strand to a totally different person. Shortly thereafter our nightmare began.

Now some of you may think that Child Protective Services were involved, they didn’t need to be in this type of action. Strand actually did file a false report with CPS one month before they filed for De Facto Parentage, but the report stated that there was no issue with the parents, and that the timing was suspect, they recommended he be returned home and stated they believe the child had been coached.

In order to help you understand what you are reading and the events I have arranged this website in “Chapters” which will chronologically take you down the rabbit hole we have endured for the past 3+ years.


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