Dr. Mary Dietzen 30-years+ and the reunification people were all washed up. Only Judge Moreno had it right

We voluntarily set up and attended over 80 reunifications to help our son. Our son was only sent to one reunification visit with me after Judge Moreno decided there was no abuse from my husband or myself. If CPS had been involved the law would have required visitations for us and our son within one week. After insisting we have a doctor on board for a child that lived with us for 13+ years that the petitioner lied about, we were now in need of medical intervention to talk to our son that CPS had no problems with us.

Then all of a sudden, Judge Moreno fired yet another specialist and sent my minority husband to manage four reunifications with none of the assistance Judge Moreno deemed was necessary since the spring of 2016. We were later blamed for the reunification issues.

We attempted to set up intensive reunification for our son with the Jaycee Foundation, Jaycee Lee Dugard a famous kidnapping victim, but once again the GAL, Kimberly Kamel of Witherspoon Kelley blocked the $100,000 idea. Kim Kamel is a labor and employment attorney who admitted on the stand that she met with our son before the case was ever filed and again before she was appointed. How did that happen? I will post a separate post on that.

“In 1991, I was abducted walking to the school bus. I was 11-years-old. When I was recovered from my captors eighteen years later, my family needed help reconnecting. The process required an extensive, multi-disciplinary approach to get through a very difficult transition in our lives. We needed protection, expertise, support, and the ability to make choices as we started our healing journey. I believe that families who survive major life traumas need and deserve the kind of support we received. Because of this belief, my family has formed The JAYC Foundation.” Jaycee Dugard



Dr. Dietzen thought we were great parents and she has been in business for 30 years.  Somehow Judge Moreno found us to be fit but detrimental. Not the first time. I believe there are at least 3 other times she has been overturned on Third-Party Custody with at least another three in the Appeals. So what does that mean? Families have been ripped apart unnecessarily and the appeals court and the Supreme Court have spent millions of dollars correcting Judge Moreno. Is she doing the same thing over?

Dr Dietzen Email Great parents

Our employment attorney / Witherspoon Kelley GAL person Kimberly Kamel who testified she didn’t know there was a local or state GAL Handbook and didn’t follow the guidelines because of it. For the GAL bill that was approximately $75,000, you would think she would know about being a GAL or maybe not – that might be why the bill is $75,000 Approximately.

Testimony of 10 19 16 Page 96 – 98.

10 19 16 10 20 16 Bench Trial Excerpt Kim Kamel Transcript

Our reunification person after Dr. Dietzen came highly recommended. But of course, Judge Moreno trashed her too. Witherspoon Kelley went into Court making allegations of conflict of interest. I will add that.

08 07 17 Visitation Dennis Letter to Kim
08 09 17 Kim Kamel Attorney NOTICE Dennis


There was never an intention of returning our child. That was we figured out a fraud filing after our whistleblower came forward and the documents were put into the Court. Getting a judge to rule fraud on a judge s like trying to get an officer to cross the blue line on another officer. More on that filing.

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