Eastern State Hospital, 317-bed inpatient psychiatric hospital, Washington State Ethics Board approve employee Maria Goff faxing declarations about people who had never been to Eastern State Hospital


Pretty serious to be sending declarations designed to take a child away from fit biological parents, to the Courts from a 317-bed psychiatric facility regarding a person who has never been in the parking lot – But not according to DSHS, Eastern State Hospital or the Washington State Ethics Board. Their response is included.

According to the Washington State Ethics Board, there was no wrong-doing for Maria Goff to drive 30 miles from her home to send paperwork from a mental hospital to Spencer Harrington’s Law Office to file with the initial complaint which was pretty much all lies according to Judge Moreno This was additional. They declared it to be an emergency that she needed to get her information in. So without the supervision of her bosses, she FAXED in documents fro ma state mental hospital

Apparently, it was an emergency to get our son on a cruise in a one-bed-cabin with a 60+-year-old male that CPS HAD concerns about.

.https://www.dshs.wa.gov/bha/division-state-hospitals/eastern-state-hospital-overview _

This declaration was entered into Court in front of Amature and not overseen Protem Wendy Colton the first day of court as if somehow I had ever been a patient at Eastern State Hospital or Maria Goff knew something about my mental health.

The only emergency was allowing our son to get on what Judge Moreno said was an unauthorized cruise.

I had never been a patient at Eastern State Hospital or any other mental facility and it added to the beginning lies as to who I was as a mother and a human.

Maria Goff had hit my car and it took numerous months to put in an insurance claim because would not provide the necessary information to repair my car. Washington Ethics Car Insurance


Ethics Board Dismissal Letter Comp Bob Frye



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