Judge Fennessey said if we wanted something done about the perjury…

if we wanted something done about the perjury we should have done it a long time ago. The perjury letter sent to law enforcement the header was changed to meet the various agencies.

As the prosecutor’s office explained to me, Our family is not the victims of perjury the court is. So if you want to get help getting perjury charges your judge would have to negotiate that path. In Judge Moreno’s Court perjury is not only totally acceptable but you can kidnap a child off of totally false allegations, it won’t matter if the child is being sent pornography by one of the parties but if CPS tells the Court the child is being groomed by the perjuror, Judge Moreno will not even run a background check until she gives custody to the home of the offending groomer. Moreno Robson Sorted Email

These are but a few. This does not discount over 650 filings trying to get our son back with acknowledgment trips to Olympia meeting with Governor Inslee’s Office, DSHS and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office multiple times along with writing them.

 Here is where we were told, law enforcement decides that a crime has been committed. I guess Judge Moreno ruling that the Petitioners and their Lawyer filed untrue documents with the Court was not enough03 27 18 Spokane County Prosecutor

And were any other investigations requested?

Ozzie and I have 300 emails together personal and professional. Some are things he asked me to put into other peoples Facebook Pages. These would include the County against Creach, Scott Maclay, Ryan Holyk and his bicycle being smashed, Dave Regan, Ron T. Cop, Earl Howerton, comments about dirty cops, etc. But to care about my son? These documents are available and have been distributed to other people.

And the Department of Justice? They said our son being removed by lies was a family court matter.

. DOJ letter and response

DOJ and Health and Human Services put out a letter about discriminating against the disabled. But I guess my disability doesn’t count.DOJ letter and response

Health an Human Services refuses to help. 06 14 16 11178136 HHS

And our representatives that we called, wrote to or met with… Senator Mike Padden, Representative Matt Shea, Representative Bob McCaslin, Andy Billig, Representative Marcus Riccelli, and Representative Timm S. Ormsby.

These are the same representatives voting in laws that have taken our child from a COURT DEEMED fit Parents to putting our child in a home where pornography has been sent to our child and Judge Moreno knew it and did NOTHING about it.

Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell have also done nothing.

The list of documents asking for help goes on

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